VARK Snack Food Pvt. Ltd.
VARK Snack Food Pvt. Ltd.

About Us

VARK Snack Food Pvt. Ltd.

We are a food processing company engaged in manufacturing of snack food products & breakfast cereals.

Our state-of-the-art production facility is in Bhiwadi, Rajasthan, where we make a wide range of products using various cereals such as rice, wheat, corn, ragi, quinoa, oats, etc. Our monthly production capacity is in excess of 180MT.

Our Vision

– We aim to emerge as a top vendor for all snack food products & breakfast cereals supplying to the top brands in the country.

– We aspire to be the unparalleled leader in development of snack food products & breakfast cereals by adhering to the highest standards for quality, consistency, sustainability and dependability.

Our Mission

– Be synonymous with purity and hygiene.

– Strive to grow our business with the same honesty and integrity with which we manufacture our products.

– Continue to source our ingredients from partners we trust, supporting communities and creating meaningful relationships with those around us.

– Wish to foster a value creating work environment for our team, by treating them with respect and facilitating personal and professional development.

Family Group Companies

Agribiotech Industries Ltd.

A closely held company which is into spirits & alcohol business having 65000 KL per day licensed capacity to produce alcohol. The company is a large producer of ENA (natural alcohol) and supplies to all major companies like UB, Radico, Allied Distillery, Tilaknagar, etc. It’s also one of the largest suppliers of country liquor in Rajasthan. The company has a bottling unit with a capacity of 7000 cases per day and bottles many brands like Jolly Rogers, Old Monk and Officer’s Choice.

Rajasthan Cylinders & Containers Ltd.

A public limited company established in 1980 engaged in manufacturing of LPG cylinders, valves and pressure regulators. There is a bottling facility to fill LPG in cylinders as well. The company markets its products to oil marketing companies of Indian government sector and exports to Nepal.

What We Do

Snack Products

Rice Flakes

– We feel honored to be catering to India’s leading snack food companies under the brand name – VR Snacks.

– Our products include rice flakes, rice puffs, corn flakes, corn puffs, gram flakes, ragi flakes, quinoa flakes & oat puffs.

Rice Flakes
Corn Flakes
Rice Puffs
Gram Flakes

Commonly known as chidwa, are extruded from pure rice flour. Benefits are:

– Free from dust or any foreign particles
– No need for sorting, cleaning or x-ray
– Less oil consumption upon frying
– Efficient utilization of oil
– Minimal breakage of product post frying

Commonly known as makki ka poha, are extruded from corn grits. Benefits same as rice flakes.

Commonly known as moori, are extruded from pure rice flour.

Commonly known as chana jor, are made from pressing and roasting of finest desi whole gram grain.

Note: All above products are used in making namkeens. In all of our products, no preservatives, artificial color or flavor is added.

Breakfast Cereals


– We are happy to be supplying in bulk to leading breakfast cereal brands for repackaging at their end.

– Also privileged to have partnered with reputed brands for private labeling of choco flakes & corn flakes.

Choco Flakes
Corn Flakes
Crunchy Muesli

These are made from fresh wheat flour, finest cocoa powder, sugar and salt. It contains permitted natural color, nature identical-artificial flavoring substance and antioxidant. It’s in the form of crisp scoops of uniform size and is brown in color.

These are made from finest sweet corn after cooking, flaking, drying and toasting. It does not contain any artificial color or flavor. It’s in the form of crisp flakes of reasonable uniform size and is golden brown in color.

This is a perfect blend of finest rolled oats, wheat flakes, corn flakes, almonds, raisins, oat bran, wheat bran, honey invert syrup and sugar. It does not contain any artificial color or flavor. It’s in the form of crunchy mixture of all ingredients.

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